Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Arrive?

On Sundays, the doors open at 9:30am where we have a self-serve coffee bar stocked with a selection of K-Cups, donuts, and breakfast bars for you. Our Discipleship classes, for all ages, begin at 10:00 am followed by our morning service at 11:00 am. Finally, on Wednesdays, the doors open at 6:00pm, where we meet in our Ministry Center for what we call "ReFresh Eats". We meet, greet, and eat for about 45 minutes before our MidWeek ReFresh service that begins at 7:00 pm. 

I don't have fancy "church clothes". So what should I wear?

Don't worry about them "fancy church clothes". We have those who dress in traditional church fashion (men in suits and women in dresses) and others who come in casual dress (blue jeans and a polo or t-shirt)

What do you have for my children?

We have many exciting things for the little ones and also the other ones. We have a nursery and staff readily available every time there is service. The nursery provides adequate care for little ones ages 0-3. On Sunday mornings, we have classes available for children ages 4-11. Our Children's ministry is one we are proud of! They offer lessons, games, puppets, and crafts!

I've heard you are Pentecostal. What exactly does that mean?

Our worship experience is touched, led, and covered by the Holy Spirit. You will see people getting involved in worship by singing aloud and along with the worship team, raising and/or clapping their hands from time to time. We believe in all aspects of the experience seen in Acts 2 when the Day of Pentecost fully arrived. We also believe in the church service being done in order and in decently as instructed in 1 Corinthians 14:40. So, while we believe in worship God as a church body with the power of Pentecost, we also believe when God is the center focus of everything we do; it will be done in order and under the direction of the Holy Spirit.